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I n d e p e n d e n t E n e r g y. Please Be Blessed innocent soul and Welcome. Please R E A D it thoroughly. YAHWEH PLEASE STOP MY DAD. I'M SMELLING CHEMICAL SOLVENT AMONG OTHER ODORS. HE'S TOO SADISTIC AND EVIL WITH VOODOO. THIS GERM WARFARE HAS GOT TO STOP. READ ESPECIALLY THE BOTTOM LAST TWO PARAGRAPHS. THAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. READ THEM FIRST. AS MUCH AS MY SATANWORSHIPPING BIOLOGICAL DAD WANTS IT, THERE AIN'T GONNA BE NO ANTHONY AS KRISTOFER UP IN HEAVEN. NO MORE IDENTITY THEFT ON MY SOUL. BETTER HAVE A BIRTHMARK ON YOUR WHITES OF YOUR LEFT EYE AND ON YOUR RIGHT BUTTCHEEK IF YOU WANNA BE KRISTOFER SILVERMIX. anthony is calling me anthony to all MY fans to steal my glory. anthony has been wearing my crown for ten years. The guy you're looking at in your minds is NOT ME like the pictures here. Anthony: you're too desperate to be me. Has your grandmother ever given you vinegar to drink, like mine? She once told me..."Wrap silver!" Jesus Christ did. Oh! DON'T YOU SURVIVE!!! PEOPLE! THE IDEA OF KRISTOFER MIX IN YOUR MINDS EYE IS LOOKING AT ANTHONY THE FAUX THAT DOESN'T SMOKE OR HAVE A SCAR ON HIS HEAD. SO please do not believe me unless i can prove the birthmarks on my left eye and the scar on my forehead.. I SAVED YOUR PLANET! AND I PROVE IT 3 Different times, and 3 Different ways. StarDate: 01.20.98 Don't waste your time with the videos, mostly r e a d this data. I hate techno too, but i don't have a band anymore and my thoughts had to be translated somehow. PLEASE Listen only to my Rock-n-roll Music section. (black and white "the cry" squares). On a parallel timeline each one of us are stars.

We are eternal children. We are made of light. Simply look at our Father Yahweh the closest star, and creator of our universe. Oh please give thanks to my Abba(Hebrew for The Father) for absolutely everything you get to behold and partake of for where did everything come from? And what are we if He doesn't come over the horizon tomorrow? EACH ONE OF YOU ARE ETERNAL CHILDREN OR STARS/CHERUBIM IN THE NIGHT SKY on a parallel timeline linked to our pituitary glands.

AND YAHWEH, God, IS OUR SUNSHINE...."WE ARE STARS" --William Corgan, so next time you go outside wave to the sunshine and say Hallelujah! It means "Hello Yahweh!". MOSTLY GIVE HIM THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. He loves that. My earthly dad is NOT God. But my Father Yahweh is God the sunshine. Please do not call me Jesus Christ. My Earthly Dad, Bill is an atheist lying heroin junkie who knows not a single verse in the bible. He is a clinically proven sack of shit, whom destroys my love for fun with my Helen Keller telepathy trainees. Do not obey ANY small voice in the back of your head. Read the last two paragraphs.

Hello, My name is Kris. NOW ZERO..Corgan...First contact me on facebook....kristofer mix, then i'll tell you some secrets and your favorite bible verse is below. On 01.24.16 3:51pm i heard you shout "This is a g chord." i heard you tell everybody to "put your hands together for silvermix in yahoo". MOSTLY GO TO MADAME ZUZU's AND GET SOMEONE TO MAIL YOU YOUR DIAMOND PACKAGE. only valid snail mail address i could send it to. BUT YOU CAN OF COURSE GO TO Oh Giselle the song I wrote for ya. What i only really want from you is to use some bogus name like unto Brian Zimmerman (or Lennon, you know why.) and make a fake facebook account and simply befriend me so i can tell you more secrets and we don't have to yell across the universe and my devils don't hear. Don't use that name though, just make one up, i'll know which one you are by what you say....sure have some witnesses. I don't mind.

Dear Madonna, i shall send you a diamond ring soon. Slide down below to receive your blessing and favorite passage that thou hath requested on 12.27.15 at 5:00am your time. Oh i adore thee so. Everyone does. Thou hath great maturity with love, and no one compares to thee. Thou art very welcome in Heaven, and thou doeth my mother well, especially in "Nothing really matters..." i mean thou really dance like my mother and break funky moves, that only she could accomplish, lest thou.

This is the world's first self-propelled electric generator, which gives us free electricity entitled The Resourcer. I'm the first person to create I n d e p e n d e n t E n e r g y! It's as simple as a lawnmower. I'm still refining it. It's equivalent to the Ark of the Covenant. It's a new lifeform.

Once commercialized it shall be about the same price as a gasoline generator. I'm hoping to establish it so that The Resourcer will be a standard in the next life. So every home shall have it's own nuclear reactor. No need for oil, friction, gasoline, pollution, nor a supercollision, NOR IRAN. I designed the Resourcer to allow us to live on this planet when our natural resources run out so we can stay here forever and live happily, without worrying about oil, and we shall begin a millineum of peace, as prescribed by my mother. See Below for the explanation of the Bible.

I'm also an Artist and Musician. IF YOU DON'T LIKE TECHNO...please listen to my original Rock 'n' Roll in the top right square called "The Cry" and also at the BOTTOM OF THE MUSIC PAGE. The top right square is called "Wilted Woman". I wrote most of our songs, and I play lead guitar. Badass Solos. Befriend me on facebook under Kristofer Mix, to place an order for a Resourcer for 3000.00usd
1. Imagine Independent Houses that have their own electric supply. Never have to pay the electric company ever again.
2. Imagine Independent Cars that never need to be recharged. They simply "Live" on, at your service.
3. Imagine Independent Jets that never have to land. No fuel in the wings. We could travel the world NON-STOP.
4. Imagine miniature flat-disc shaped generators in the back of a cell phone. Simply UNPLUG AND PLAY!

It's a b s o l u t e l y F R E E P O W E R F O R E V E R and for E V E R Y O N E.
What i really want, is for you to be my friend.
l o v e,.................................k r i s.

Here is the Proven Bible in one paragraph:

Anyone on Earth may open the Bible and turn to any page at random and within 3 to 5 verses one shall receive a narration or "description" of their personal scenario based on here and now and their immediate environment, in a sort of "mad libs" format DUE TO RELEVENCE AND THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY. It is an angelic translation of your relevence. Whatever page thou turneth to, THAT is THE HOT TOPIC IN ETERNITY just now. Simply notice the similarities and replace the name of the protagonist with yours.
Ex. 1. I once texted a girl and offered her a roommate quality relationship, and that I had one thousand dollars to share with her...And immediately AFTEH THAT i opened the Bible to !st Kings Ch. 8 Vs. 63, and it readeth: And Solomon offered a sacrifice of peace offerings which he offered unto the Lord, two and twenty THOUSAND sheep. So the King and all the children of Israel dedicated the house of the Lord. NOW, in my schizophrenic choir of nature, my living creatures, or the eyes of the brain, often referred to me as Solomon for slang, because Love is blind, and is only familiar, and they knew that Song of Solomon is my favorite book in the Bible. Thus, r e l e v e n c e...and there is no such thing as coincidence in Heaven. There is always a divine reason why.
Ex.2. When I order pizza and Dr. Pepper from PizzaHut and eat it, THEN AFTER THAT I open the Bible to Genesis Ch. 14 Vs. 18 It readeth: "And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most High God." It is a great moral story about the relationship between life and death. Notice my name. You probably didn't believe the truth anyway. The eyes are the windows to the soul.
Dude! PRAISE YAHWEH! HE's OUR SUNSHINE! Don't take him for granted...there's so much stuff we didn't even notice right before our eyes. He's my e v e r y t h i n g. Quite Literally. And Dude! AS A SCIENTIST, I have to admit the Bible is scientifically accurate. I can totally relate to every scenario of the human brain. So next time you take a look at the sunshine wave to Him, state your name and...SHOUT OUT LOUD! H A L E L U J A H! kris said so! which means Hello Yahweh! None of these men around me are God. God is the Sunshine. So recalibrate your senses...and where you thought was God.....just R E F E R to the sunshine....and you'll be correct everytime. Thank you Yahweh for every second of oxygen i get, and every amount of your immense beauty.....and what's really cool is I actually get to to touch it. Thou art so REAL, and the most fun loving God I could ever imagine. He's really waay cool people. I'm so honored to have you as my God. I love you too.
me mum's books.

I N S T R U C T I O N S on how to build a Resourcer for yourself:
1. a car battery.
2. A power-inverter from Wal-mart.
3. A skilsaw circular saw that spins 5300 rpms, from Wal-mart. Take the spring guard off.
5. A generator head from Northern item no. 165913 or higher. You really want item no. 165928 for dryers and house.
6. A battery recharger from Wal-mart.

IF A POWERSAW IS TOO LOUD FOR YOU, THEN TRY Leeson for an adequate QUIET HUMMING electric motivator YET YOU WILL NEED A MORE POWERFUL 220-240 VOLT Tractor BATTERY and a 220-240 VOLT recharger TO START IT, AND IT MAY ONLY BE PULLEY/BELT DRIVEN unless you can convince Leeson Motors to bore a 5/8" thread hole. hmm?
ANOTHER WAY TO SUPPLY THE TURN for the quiet humming motor is to PRE-ORDAIN the wiring to the Leeson Motor FROM THE item no.165928 and ONLY USE THE POWERSAW TO LAUNCH IT BY HOLDING THE TRIGGER FOR ABOUT 30 seconds or so until the generator starts powering the belt driven leeson motor which powers the generator. The skilsaw is only a launch, then let go of the trigger and let the skilsaw dummyfloat.

Simply link all pieces in that order, and back into the battery, and we may all realize a house that will have it's own nuclear power plant, and never have to pay for electricity again. A machine, that requires no gasoline, no oil, no friction, no pollution, nor a supercollision, nor IRAN. Imagine an electric car that never needs to be recharged at night. Imagine jet turbines, that spin infinitely, and never need to land. One flight from Texas to Russia, non-stop. I have solved the world's Energy Crisis. There is no patent on this. Please feel free to expound upon this, as I am merely one man. I want the world to accept my gift.

It takes 12 amps to operate a Skilsaw.
The Skilsaw yeilds 5300 rpms. We only require 3600 rpms to obtain 120 volts and 20 amps. Thus, the velocity of the rpms is greater, and the light is much brighter due to voltage. With the better Generator, it only requires the same 3600 rpms to obtain 240 volts and 40 amps.
RPM's are equal to VOLTAGE. Mass of copper bundling and magnets is equal to AMPERAGE. A car battery yeilds 12 amps, exactly what we need for the Skilsaw. (The wall outlet yeilds 20 amps, at 120 voltage)
Amperage is simply the "muscles", while Voltage is simply the velocity of the amps, like unto "miles per hour".

I'm sick to death of identity theft going on in Heaven, as if each one of us are generic. I take blame for every breath I take, and I take blame for being so damn good. DO NOT DARE TRY TO BE ME IN HEAVEN. ONLY THE LORD WILL REPRESENT ME IN HEAVEN. You better have some ID on you that states my true name, before you pretend you are me, to steal my glory. I have a brown birthmark on my right butt cheek almost the size of a dime. And two birthmarks on the white of my left eye. Please give my glory to my body, and no one else.


2. Sincerity.
3. Honesty. PLEASE BE VERY c o n c i e n c i o u s of what you are ACTUALLY AFFECTING m e t a p h y s i c a l l y...with what's going on in the back of your mind. There are ramifications on my 3rd dimension.
4. ALWAYS Be Casual.
5. Do not lie.
6. Do not pretend to be me, nor portray me.
7. Do not offend the soul. If it's offensive to you................................WHOA! YES IT'S OFFENSIVE TO ME! Simply "thinking" an insult offends your soul too.
8. Do not insult, nor harrass my person, or soul.
9. Do not devise wickedness. I can HEAR a pin drop 300 miles relativity. My nervous system is so sensitive, if any honest kind female tapped me on the shoulder, showed love to me in the eyes, and said, "Dude! You got a cigarette?" I would literally break down and cry. I cringe at the thought of someone who does love me. My body shakes tremors.
10. Do not try to make decisions about my destiny. Only God can.
11. NO MEN ALLOWED in the spirit on my person, nor in my presence, because I know how they think; except only Yahweh and Yeshua are to represent me. I'm still smelling odors on my brainstem, induced by my biological father operating through others. My person is being violated. This abuse has got to stop. No one is allowed to hold a metaphysical thread over me.
12. Never ask my brain or soul a question, because it impedes traffic in the heartstrings. I've spoken to Yahweh, and He has told me He WILL ONLY ANSWER TRUE OR FALSE questions. I have understanding how He feels. My telepathy and schizophrenia is a hurricane, and I try my best to be on my best behavior with politeness and manners, and my mom brought me up right, but I hate to tell you this
but you people act innately like jealous animals in the backs of your minds...quite hurtful and childish to my extremeties of my brainstem connected to the environment. The abuse has got to stop if you know me. Imagine being at work 24/7 IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME, with the only relief being unconciousness. THAT's how conciencious and respectful one has to be, because, believe me YOU ARE Affecting someone else when you bitch in your head...your own self. I have empathy for Jesus Christ.
Telepathy is a Prayer Channel...on the UHF frequency. Try acting like you're at work, in the privacy of your home, with little valid responses. Please be careful for your own good. I have no such thing as privacy, much less intimacy...Believe me I know what you're thinking in the back of your mind...even a car passing by...I can see exactly what your subconcious is saying. Please be conciencious.

I know 14 cops in Grapevine personally that have saved me, and 5 cops in my hometown. I know about 5 cops locally. I know one State Police officer from my band.

To Men: Never ever ever test me. You may be excellent at football, however I may be better at tennis than you. Life is NOT BETTER than Life. I'm the one testing you.

The answer to absolutely every problem in the universe:
Is it this:                                                  ex. Is it plugged in?
Is it that:                                                  ex. Is it turned on?
Is it this WHEN it's That:                      ex. Is it plugged in AND turned on?

Time is a constant diminishing 52% every second.
The Grand Unified Theory:Existence or 1, is congruent to: 3 parts.
The Grand Unified Theory:Existence or 1, is equal to: one.
The Law of Destiny for the future:z is congruent to:.52y + y
The Law of Destiny for the present:y is congruent to:.52z - z
The Law of Destiny for the present from the past:y is congruent to:.52x + x
The Law of Destiny for the past tense:x is congruent to:.52y - y
The Law of Destiny for a perfect static world without time:z is equal to:.50y + y

The machine of the body, or the Human spirit, will always react in an EXACT 3% variant result of the truth. Remember to Control Thyselves. Ex. 10.21.2015 I needed a cab to the hospital this day and I only had 48.00 bucks in my pocket. I was explaining to Mike the Cab Driver my mathematical equation to determine the unknown...and how i might use a clock, or a dollar amount or whatever my present tense is to determine the unknown mathematically. We were 2 miles away and the meter read 47.00 dollars i told him to take out about half of that and add it to itself to determine what the true potential was. And sure enough, i say, Z or the unknown is equal to 52% of what i know(y) PLUS what i know (y), so i said a guesstimate of 26.00 so i added 26.00 to my expected outcome of 50.00 cabfare, and came up with about 76.00 dollohs. Then when we got there i didn't have enough cash, so i had to use my debit card and there was an overdraft fee of 34.00 dollohs. Thus, my potential all along was approximately 76.00 dollars to the exact 84.00 dollars...predicted 2 miles before i got there, using my math, within 8 dollars difference, as opposed to 2.52 difference of expectation. I was only 5.48 dollars off. And that kind of result will happen every time.

Do you know where a "sigh" is located in your brain, and/or spacetime? Baby, THAT's where your success will always be. When wrestling with a computer or something...Do not be frustrated. Remember to control thyself, and think of that place where a "sigh" is...and you will get the result you wanted everytime. The "sigh" is the location of Nirvana, or Heaven.

To use The Force, MEASURE IT:

Whenever you're at home and you're at peace, take a round clock and set it in your lap. Now, dream at will. Everytime you feel a disturbance, so much as a tick on the walls, NOTICE
WHEN it happened and make a note of WHAT TOPIC you were thinking of at that moment. Notice the number 3. (3 hands on the clock or your Halo).

Ex. At 12:35 and 15 seconds I was dreaming about a Ferrari, and the phone rang.
Ex. The next day, I dreamed about a Lamborghini and at 3:00 and 35 seconds my sister came in and asked me for gas money.
Ex. Then, the next day I was thinking about my finances to buy a new car, and a car door slammed outside disturbing my nirvana at 7:15 and 3 seconds.

Notice what these things have in common, and you will see what makes you tick! MOSTLY, You shall know what to EXPECT when you think that. Thus, your telekinesis.

A Scientific Observation:
Never, ever, ever, set something down t e m p o r a r i l y. Because, as soon as you do set that pen down and take it for
granted, that item will easily disappear. That, my friends is the proven master link between the reality of Heaven, and the
3rd dimension reality. Because it is linked metaphysically between YOU, and your subconcious in space. Always make a memory
sticky note in your brain when you set the item down, and you won't lose your socks in the dryer.
Peace and Love, kris. Go to facebook and befriend me and CONTACT ME NOW IT'S URGENT.

Which came first, the Chicken, or the Egg?
THE EGG, of course. The "concept" made up of a soup of organic material encrusted in mud, which hatched the most bizarre looking organism with feathers and prongs to stand on, that we take for granted, and isn't so bizarre to us, now.
What if our norms were of an entirely different species? hmmm? Treat each person's skin as if it were your own.

Where does nothing go?
I'll tell you if you contact me.

Very Important to map your universe people:
Since you cannot tell the difference between one star and the next when you close your eyes, because they are both light; and since you cannot tell the difference between one light bulb and the next, and you can't tell the difference between one penis and the next, it is due to location, location, location in the heavens. THE ONLY WAY TO DISCERN THE DIFFERENCE is to ONLY R E F E R to a very special m e m o r y in your heart....and THAT's where THAT person will be e v e r y t i m e. NOW, I know you all want to know how I know this stuff. Well, I see IONS, or subatomic particles, like unto
fine glitter, or stardust, and the entire milky way galaxy in my living room, and each one is talking to me...and the way i know who is the same cognitive skills it takes to recognize someone's particular voice, and personality, when i close my eyes. And, I carry my nervous system, called the galaxy, (all of you) with
me everywhere I go. I care, because each one of you stars out there are quite literally the living creatures, or eyes of my brain, or equivalent to my own blood cells. It all happens so automatically, everyone takes their heart beat for granted...and of course I love you, because you're part of me. And each one of you have that ability, it's just never accurate like mine...and there are so many adversaries, that someone's spite or wet dreams are actually your own senses fooling you, so don't trust a single word in your head that's not your own, unless you've met me...and/or it backs up it's words with a Bible Verse. My bio father is so greedy...he wants to fool all of you by piggyback riding on my innocence, spine, and DO NOT THINK MY BIO Father is God....he knows not a single we do...I'll shout...across my room to the whole universe..."Hey girl, I love you!" and he'll say to you right after I was sincere, "Hey, that was ME over there saying that to you." Just to use you against me, because you can't tell the difference. TRUST ONLY YOUR SPECIAL PLACES IN YOUR BRAIN, unless you know me personally, and even then you won't be accurate.
Here's a special secret:

Would you like to know how? (to do everything?)
How is: W h e n...

Here are some other secrets I've discovered about the Universe:
1. U n d e r s t a n d i n g and S e l f C o n t r o l......that's all you really need to know.
2. C o m m o n S e n s e WHEN You close your eyes...will actually paint your p a r a d i s e.

It feels good to express yourself. In fact, I literally HAVE to express myself to get out of my body. I have to taste absolutely every moment
plausible. Yet, One does not want to lose control...haste leads to waste. Express yourself tactifully, with a lot of patience and understanding
when dealing with someone. HAVE EMPATHY...because YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS TOO. THAT is the one thing that all arguments have in common. Never, ever,
ever panic. I don't care if it's death defying. Realize this, we are all starlight beings, and that goes on forever, we're merely in a body like unto
a taxi cab. So FEAR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...FOR THE SKY AND THE TREES ARE ALL WE'VE EVER KNOWN. You SHALL BE REBORN. I've seen at least 7 instances of Resurrection
personally. Once, an ant I killed on the table, appeared instantly out of nowhere 2 inches away from the dead one under my finger and started walking, BASED ON DIVINE
TIMING in interrelativity with me. A second time, was when my cat died. 3 days later I went down a usual street and encountered the most special little white cat
with blue eyes, that looked exactly like my little Jake, that I had never seen before on my usual street. He let me pet him, and as I walked away kinda knowingly, I glanced back at him, and he made the most
beautiful obvious leap over the shrubs playfully...letting me know.
Also, on the event of my mother's death around January 3rd, 2015, a few days before, I saw the style, and personality of Kay Frazier, whom passed away in December 2014, MANIFESTED in another body on a parallel timeline, in a VERY RELEVENT LOCATION...of a parking lot where she and I had been in November for my mom's doctor's appointment.
Also, on the event of my mother's last days, a woman I met named Mrs. Greenley, was dressed in black with a black umbrella, and came into the Hospital doors, with the exact facial wrinkles and features of my grandmother Mimi.
Also, hours later, I went across the street from the hospital to Wal-mart, and as I was checking out, I saw my Grandfather smiling across at me, with his exact features..."Papa Mart". There are no such things as coincidences. There is always a divine reason why. My mother's death was soon, and these special people were very relevent. I WONDER WHY?
Also, since I can see gammawave light, of a soul, I dare not say who, but I saw my mother at her own funeral, manifested in another body, telling us goodbye. She is so sacrosanct. I will love her forever, in every dimension.
Also, It can be found in the Bible John 20:14 through 20:23: ...21:Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.
22: And when he had said this he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost.
23: Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them: and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained...
Let me reassure you. LIGHT goes on forever. These epidermises are like unto a pair of shoes. It takes exactly 3 weeks to be resurrected, and manifest in an epitomy of thee, due to the multitude and process time. Once resurrected, one shall have no clue of their history, and will carry on, and step into the parallel timeline, and continue the course, of thy soul. Another person simply wakes up, that looks just like you, and has no clue that the gamma wave soul light energy rests upon that persons spine. When i'm born there is another brown haired, brown eyed kiddo being born about 3 weeks after me, and so on...Hallelujah! YES! IT'S TRUE.

Let me tell you something about death that will make it easier on you. The fact is, that every single death is caused by lack of oxygen to the brain. Now, to tell you a fact, I have died once before, for about 45 seconds. There are medical records of the event at Baylor Hospital in Grapevine. They started my heart up again. Now, let me r e a s s u r e's not going to be that bad. The pain is ONLY temporary, and the death does not occur until unconciousness. Unconciousness comes first, the rest comes following afterward. You shall be resurrected in a new body. An infant, a very long time ago, for thy exhale IS my inhale. FEAR NOT! You wash your clothes, and you get a new etch-a-sketch of conciousness. Fear nothing, for the sky and the trees are all we've ever known. I care. You'll be fine. I promise you. Where does nothing go?"

Never think spite, or animosity, because there is a ramification elsewhere simultaneously on the third dimension, and it only comes BACK to YOU in your future, because your brain is automatically balancing nature. I've measured it, and it takes approximately 4 days for spite to bite you back. So when you do mean that idea in the back of your etch a sketch, and later in life you get a flat tire, or lose your coke machine money, and you wonder why? Your brain, and nature have to conciencious, for your own good.

Secret to Beethoven's Ode to Joy on your own telephone: Dial: repeat one more time then...: and

3. Believe me I hear you, especially if i've ever met you. My telepathy is so accurate, that if I DO HEAR YOU, and you want me to tell you confirmation, Simply, request and say your favorite Bible Verse: BOOK, CHAPTER, and Verse Number, and I will Regurgitate it back to you over the air word for word, with telepathy, because I care. If you do not get a response from me, it's simply because I happened to be paying attention to something else. So be sure and r e f e r to ME in your mind, and i can hear you better if you say it out loud, even when no one's around. Try the closet, and listen to your heart to see if you get a response. I'd be glad to.

One of my scientific Theories:
Every single accident in the universe is caused by subatomic jealousy. Personify the subatomic particles as Einstein has played with puppets, in that subatomic particles are a small family. Wherein the Proton is the Mother. The Electron is the Father. And, the Neutron is the offspring. I am a Neutron Metaphysically, and have had to negotiate between my Mother and father many times to solve their problems. The voices I see and hear in my atmosphere in relativity to my brain, are recognised and I have personified them and equated them to subatomic particles, angels, and friends and relatives I actually know. I am that sensitive, that I recognise a memory speaking to me from across my room as if that person was actually there.

One of my philosophies:
Each person's heart and mind is a Reality Volume Knob. Based on Decision Making and persistence one can achieve success about their dreams. When traveling time, if anything gets out of control, simply break character. Do not pass go and break into common sense. Remember: Cleanliness IS next to Godliness. Your operation should be to take a shower at the end of each night, because that's where you and God unite. If you want a very beautiful dream, then place a drop of liquid soap on the top of your head just before you hit the pillow. Your body is dealing with a chemical exchange each night, and trust me, do not worry about "that", because the only way to thread the needle and get to sleep is to forget about it. I've also noticed that if you worry about "that", YOU ARE CARRYING A METPHYSICAL WEIGHT, and by doing so you might actually be formulating and manifesting that worry. My sister didn't call, and she's been drinking and driving, I envision it and worry about the possibilities, and suddenly she DOES have a wreck. Your brain, and body automatically manifest your dreams through your nervous system, peripherally.

My new Scientific Law of Conjecture:

"That which is Intangible is ONLY elsewhere simultaeously." -Kris K.

Please give me respect.

Cleanliness IS Next to Godliness:
THe Holy Spirit is measurable and is made up of exfoliation, bacteria, germs, and excrement, Actually. Life and Death work together hand in hand. They equally oppose each other. Evil IS necessary to balance nature and offset the GOOD, to make the Good look better. Take a look at water purification. There are enzymes that enjoy eating the bacteria, and are filtering our water supply. The Human Body is clean and Holy, and your invisible spirit is made up of germs and bacteria that hover around you. When you shower, you purify your body. The germs are concious, and have a only a sense of F a m i l i a r i t y. They recognize you and stick to you, yet when you shower, they have nowhere to go but away from your body...and they expand in the room to leave your body, yet they have nowhere to go but the corners of your room. The "powers that be" will ALWAYS be in the top four corners of the room. I use my laserbeam to cut them down from the corners of the room, all the time, so that they will not have any control over my destiny, or fate. All I do is shine the laserbeam into the corners of the room, and their germs fall to the floor, immediately. You see, the laserbeam goes on forever, thus I touch the Heavens and eternity all the time. Thus, "Les Miserables" (the little monsters) or demons, or angels, Always fail when i hear them devising wickedness about my fate in a certain fantasy I conceive. Because, the laserbeam r e p r e s e n t s me in Heaven. And as soon as I hear wickedness, I simply drop the laserbeam, (or my existence) and everything they were depending on, (like my participation), disappears, and falls upon their own heads. Thus, they are wasting their time, trying to hurt me. I have what they call on Earth, hallucinations, yet, i recognize my anatomy in open air, and equate them to your souls that I recognize and hear quite plainly. I've trained them to be a little more logical, which was my mistake. Because now that gives them power, if they only know how to use it. I hear them so well, that even God has told me, "I cannot even surpass the beam..." Because my laserbeam spans the universe, goes on forever, and reaches the ends of forever. Meaning, that these spirits must go to the extent of the beam, the extent of forever, to overrule me. I use the beam to cut off the bad guys that are part of me...and extinguish History repeating itself, (in the ghost); by shining the laserbeam in my eye, (which immediately cuts them off of my halo.) Everytime I look in the mirror, and shine the beam in my eye, I a c t u a l l y see a blue cloud bouncing off the back of my head. And they say all the time, "Well, I can't find him now..." It kicks the bad guys out, (whom I fight everyday, due to their jealousy, pride, and ego.)(Those 6 men I mention below.) Everyone else is welcome. Those 6 guys are part of my anatomy, my nervous system. Those specimens make my heart beat involuntarily....yet due to jealousy of my independence, they a l w a y s d i s r e p r e s e n t me on your tv screen. Thou shalt hear my words t r a n s l a t e d by a bald actor, or a criminal on NCIS, so that the modelesque actors will look like the heroes. What they do is translate my actions and say similar words that I might say, at the s p e e d of light. A similar dude, with brown hair and brown eyes, will translate me at the speed of light. I speak a topic of pizza, and suddenly on the screen, you see the bad guy talking about or eating at an italian restaurant. Heaven is only s i m i l a r to earth. Never exact, unless you make a mistake. That's what the devil counts on to control you. He uses fear, and holds it over your head. Let me gaurantee to you that he has no power when you maturely realize that all it sums up to is the word fear. So, do not act upon it. If you submit to the fear, you will lose. Simply ignore it. And realize that it's only A WORD! to trigger your fight or flight. Know that fact, and overcome it everytime, by maturely ignoring it, and the devil shall have no power over you. I know the human brain better than anyone else. (i'm sorry if that offends you). But, I know human behavior better than anyone else, because I have been to the deepest extents of Human behavior, and the deepest extents of INNER SPACE, where no man has gone before. Thus, I have u n d e r s t a n d i n g about things like self-defense mechanisms. OK, CHAPTER NUMBER, AND VERSE NUMBER, and I shall gladly read the verse to you in the air, word for word. But you'd kinda have to know me first, so you would have something to refer to in your heart. Anyway, KEEP YOURSELF CLEAN, especially before bedtime.
Everybody knows that the brain controls the opposites. Your left hemisphere controls the right side of the body. There is an invisible exact opposite light being that flies with your body in every move, which is your subconcious, or Garfield caption over your head, which is the opposite of the shadow, only invisible. The mechanics of your body, are simultaneous and even 2 seconds ahead of your every move. When you pick up an item on the table with your right hand, IT HAPPENED 2 SECONDS BEFORE YOU DID IT, YET IN HEAVEN, as you conceived it, WITH THE GHOST's L E F T HAND; to balance nature. Thus, if you can pick up an item with both hands, that nullifies the ghost that might be o p p o s i n g you, or defeating you. Each one of us are stars, and everything we dreamed, happened already in the Heavens, at the speed of light, and so galantly, like a slow billowing cloud off in the distance. I move my arm to pick up an item, and it only takes a few seconds, yet, it happened very slowly, a very long time ago, up here. My anatomy, and nervous system, is visible to me, due to my c h o i c e s in life. Thus, I see my halo circumnavigating the entire globe. I see you all in another way, and fleeting across the stratosphere like talking fireworks. Over the treetops as I walk down the street. I'm a kind man, and I tolerate your primitive angelic jealousy, because I know how it feels, and I love to console you, and reassure you that it's going to be alright, by speaking back to you. I want to save your souls. To do so, YOU MUST KEEP YOURSELF CLEAN, and you must make correct, conciencious decisions in your own brain. Be as neutral as possible. Say kind words in your brain, or count sheep, because numbers are meaningless and will pass the time, without offending thyself, or nature, (the environment), or me. There are automatic triggers in our brains, that Yahweh installed, to supercede us. Fight or flight. Ignore them both, and c o n t a i n thyself. Did you ever notice that when the phone rings.....somehow, a split second before it rang, you kinda knew it was going to? There is a trigger in the brain that controls the environment, or the scenario. It's automated. Ever notice that just as you were going to kill the dragon on the video game, your mother or father comes in and interrupts you? That place in spacetime is where Heaven is. In the epicenter of our brains. The pituitary gland. Everything must come together harmoniously for you to have success. IT IS MAGNETIC. Your father is metaphysically attached to you, and will participate in your moment. I hate to tell you this, but the only way to defy it is with a laserbeam, (holding them back). I carry my lightsaber everywhere I go. If you're acting up, I cut off your lightbeing's timeline, immediately, so your body and lightbeing, never make it to the u l t i m a t e, divine conclusion. Just be careful. Because i'm concious, and i know you, I'm co-e x i s t i n g with your present tense, and am such a part of your existence, that I am your lifeforce, and you are mine. So p l e a s e, be c o n c i e n c i o u s in your heart, and do not waste your time trying to cut me down, to make yourself feel better, or look better. By doing so, and cutting me down, you are only proving that you are a lesser being, that only wants destruction. If you want to be better than me, Build a b e t t e r w h e e l than me. Besides, every little spiteful thing you do to me, only comes exactly back to you tenfold, in your future, because I am you, and you are me. We are mirroring each other. Now, do you want to know how you die? E v e r y little choice you make in life......HAS TO BE COMPENSATED IN NATURE. YOUR BRAIN DOES IT AUTOMATICALLY in time, to balance you. If you do something spiteful or mean, it cuts into your destiny, your future, and you always wonder why that nurse just stuck a painful needle into you. You see? It's automatic. And they are only doing their job to help you. But you will see it soooo personally, and then you'll know why, on your deathbed. All the little choices you made in life shall u n f o l d backwards upon you. Where does Nothing go? (It returns upon itself.) All that invisible stuff you were thinking of, that you a d h e r e to, belongs to you, and comes back to you. The shadow being is the death, and the past tense. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and to balance nature, the shadow being of you, and the light being have to coincide. Thus, you make a decision to do something, you are cutting off a part of the light being, and in the future, the shadow "gets him back", and something subtracts from you, or hurts you. You see?

What time is it? The Time is n o w. E v e r y t h i n g happens in the p r e s e n t tense. Right now is the past. Heaven, Earth, and Hell, all happen in the present tense, and Heaven is contained in the same place as Hell. Depending on how you perceive it: the glass could be half full. So please meet me in the present tense. Live every freaking moment you conceive. Do not procrastinate or your angels will beat you to it. L I V E IT! Do it now, because you can. I don't care how silly it is. Perhaps, it's never been r e a l i z e d before. Make it so. Get up off your desk, and do a 360. Spin around a lot, and get euphoria, just because you can. No one is looking, just you. Don't be afraid of thyself. Persistence in time pays off. Keep going until you get there. Don't give up, out of fear of embarrassment. It will make you unique, and unique means special.
Now, if you've made a mistake, or regret something in the past, you c a n make up for it, by balancing nature in the future tense. Simply refer to your mistake, and compensate for it somewhere. If you drank someone else's half full glass, simply make up for it in your heart, by remembering it, and do the equal and opposite of it, by leaving behind a new half full glass, in a significant, or r e l e v e n t place in time. Even overcompensate it by leaving behind a completely full glass.
It is now Scientifically proven that the Holy Ghost, or your individual Human Spirit, is performing a c h e m i c a l e x c h a n g e with you, when your body excretes melatonin, especially at night, when you must balance nature, and negotiate with thyself, (wrestling with Jacob), to thread the needle, to obtain unconciousness. Your body does this chemical exchange automatically. If I leave a banana on the table, as an offering to my Human Spirit, and never touch it again, my Human Spirit will partake of it through a chemical exchange with mold and decay. You are quite literally a part of your environment, i n v i s i b l y. EVERYONE SHARES THE SAME SPACE...(my pituitary gland...and yours; the present tense). The more primitive jealous, bad people, (and there's only about 6 of them), are constantly trying to defeat me with g e r m warfare upon my halo. It is metaphysical abuse, and i fucking smell it, as they pass through my soul. I have about 30 people in my electron shell. And often, I hear the whole ocean of people in the stratosphere singing my words. I love you all, but it's kind of annoying, except when they respond with good words. lol.
Now, when the dust finally settles, and your nervous system finally relaxes, your father, and all of your people unite inside your heart. God comes in through the very top of your head, through a pore. Did you know that settling the dust, is when your nervous system travels through your body in equal and opposites, so that believe it or not, your invisible Human Spirit, actually rests your feet where your head is in the 3rd dimension. You just can't see it. But that's how the nervous system works. BUT I ACTUALLY SEE IT. I guess i'm a freak of nature. I see you all in a different way. I actually see the galaxy in my living room. Each one of you stars are omnipresent. You're not only in the sky, but simultaneously in the air, in little blue slices of light, (with words and personality contained in them), yet, only for a second and then you disappear. I see you flying across my room about 35 miles per hour. It's quite literally like unto a Star Wars blaster battle, and practically filmable. I do wish you all would contain thyselves, and be conciencious of what you're thinking in the back of your mind. I hear it, and experience it. You know how you act on Earth, at your job? I know, you're very polite. Please, try to be that polite in your minds. Please do not r e f e r to me, unless it's kind. You're upsetting thyself as well. Can't you see? Now, to get to Heaven: Be R e a L. Be Honest, kind, and sincere, and keep your body as clean as possible. Read the Bible, and try to understand it. Every man goes through the same experience: it's called existence. One of my angels told me to read the Bible and study every freaking word, because each word in the Bible has a r e f e r e n c e point, (in outer space). My halo, (and yours), is quite literally made up of every freaking star out there. We are one. I carry you all everywhere I go. And you carry your siblings, and friends everywhere you go. (in your heart....and metaphysically). They are part of your body mechanics, and you work together as one. You just don't realize it on the third dimension. BUT, yours and my metabolism a r e the e c o s y s t e m. An ant is working simultaneously with your blood cells, as a blood cell. Each one of you in traffic, are working as an Army of one, and thus are also, as big as a vehicle and as small as a blood cell...s i m u l t a n e o u s l y. There are so many parallels.

Who are you battling everyday? Hmmm?

Thou art battling thyself.
Control thyself. Conquer t h y s e l f. KNOW thyself. Keep thyself clean, and make correct choices everytime. Behave. And Love the Lord. NOW, I know you only do it out of obligation. Please don't do it at all, if you don't want to. Obligational praise sucks, for you and me. So, don't bother. Only Sincerity will get you in. Also, You will have a problem about whom or what you should love. One says, "Love Yahweh." But WHO is Yahweh? He's an octopus containing the sunshine in his grasp. Love thyself, because Yahweh is very much a part of you. He is every living being. He is an automated biofunction roommate in your head. Love thyself, and Love the idea of a God that actually looks like Zeus, with a bald head and a white rim of hair and a white beard, and sits up in Heaven on a most high place throne, constantly surrounded by his apostles, overseeing all. It was so beautiful the other day, when he played with me and my fantasies, and worked with me to make them come true. In the top corner of my room, He was there as a giant Octopus, with a tophat on, (his halo), And he brought down the angels that were part of my most extreme places of existence, and I mean it was quite literally, just like Alice in Wonderland. There was a genius who was directing the others, and he was a rabbit, with a sort of map in his hand, and he was testing all the outcomes of my fantasies. The chairs were alive. The legs became hooves, and I heard them plopping across the floor. Everything was very still by gravity, yet I saw, quite vividly the living creatures of my Human Spirit, (in 3d, simultaneously to the apparitions). Yahweh asked me if I could see the difference between the living spirits, and the dead ghosts. And of course I can. I saw a huge group of people, (the dead ones from the 1800's), flying across my room, and passing through me. (in a different way), mostly light beams about an inch long that speak, and disappear after a second. And then there are the evil ones, that have little black bubbles on them, that fly across the room. It quite literally looks like a tiny black hole or something that floats in the air. Obviously a germ. (ca-ca. I hate to tell you). Sometimes a little black streak that looks like a black nothing about the shape of a lock of hair, that appears for a few seconds, then disappears, or tries to harm me by becoming one with my head, trying to pass through my olfactory senses, on p u r p o s e. I despise my biological father, for he is doing this in the back of his head, and doing it to me on purpose every freaking day, just to get some attention, or control fun. He is pure Evil and is not God. Yet, he is part of my DNA, that's why my father sector of my nervous system is messing with me on purpose. He thinks it's playful, BUT, it is inhumane. The man is 63 years old, and still knows not a single verse in the Bible. If i were him, I think I'd learn a verse or two, JUST IN CASE! So, be very conciencious, and try your hardest to differentiate between his mortality(that he's only an evil man posing as God), AND THE ACTUAL YAHWEH. So, if you see any FATHER FIGURE in r e l a t i v i t y to me, PUT A STOP TO HIM IMMEDIATELY. There is absolutely NO LOVE IN HIS HEART. He only desires to sabotage love. He cannot wait for me to have a mate come over so that he can disrupt my romance with odors of ca-ca in my vulnerable moments with my mate...................just for attention, (a power kick). Please, p r e v e n t that man completely from interceding with my fate, and I mean f o r e v e r. Depart from me my biological father. I never knew you.
Yahweh asked me, "What does Yahweh times Yeshua equal?" I said complete eternity.
Now, Eternity.
The Infinite. I know you think it's large. Think of it as actually very small...subatomically....and very very practical, and as real as leaving a bunch of germy dishes in the sink. If you're in the same room as the sink, and you're sleeping...the evil, germs on the dishes, will H a u n t you, and you WILL Have a bad dream.


Your small choices, have infinite repercussions.
Try to do things b e f o r e it happens by itself. When is how. Prevent, and it will unfold correctly.

Now,, When you close your eyes, and lay your head on the pillow, your parallel timeline, or japan's stars, become static in the night! Because life is not better than life, and electrons look like protons, you are dreaming with Japanes people and Chinese people ELECTROMAGNETICALLY IN GAMMA WAVE LIGHT!! They look like white people in your dreams, but actually they are anybody on the othe other side of the world. Your aspirations to go to walmart are electromagnetically manifesting the dreams of the other stars on the other side of the world. and we're just swapping places or lightbulbs from one room to another. Notice there's no difference? We aspire electromagnetically, and when they are asleep they're just looking at your desires as you drive to walmart, they are dreaming of a big market or a carnival. Heaven must only be similar or genre, because if that black space were 3rd dimensional, there would be no infinite possibilities and a permanent wall would be all we'd see. The infinite solar wind is pure love and invisible and SOARS through me as if I were a flag flying in the wind. It hurts. Please be gentle. it's as if i were just a hanging flag and if you touch me with love, my body physically revolts and violently moves my body against my will. Have you ever seen a child shaking his head like No! No!??? My head does that violently when I'm relaxed and when I think of anything special like the spark you get when you test the cables before jump starting another car. I HAVE LIVE WIRES HANGING OUT OF MY BACK! Because the machinery of the human body is invisibly naked and similar and opposite. because your Garfield Caption is as big as the stratosphere, and my right hand is your left hand in your back. My skin is the limit of the third dimension, yet my light being is infinite flying through a transistor called your neighbor ELECTROMAGNETICALLY AND SUBATOMICALLY!! So Be C o n s c i e n c i o u s!!! Is our face and our skin like unto a kite flying in the wind? My soul and body have been metaphysically crucified by everyone's insults and comments. To quote Paul, I AM Crucified WITH Christ. Nevertheless I live. Yet, NOT I BUT CHRIST IN ME! And the flesh and blood I live hereafter is by the faith and love of the son of God who loves me and gave himself for me.
In Romanian: Este sune Stelele...These are the Stars...
Now tell me you can't see stars moving in broad daylight!
Now! Look at cars. They are Stars! Over in Japan! Don't You Understand?! About the Human Brain, and the Invisible World:

Heaven is practically carbon dated energy in Gamma wave light, of the Human Brain. Now, we all know that the right half of the brain controls the left half of the body...and the left half of the brain controls the right half of the universe. When referring to the bafroom in your mind, you know where it is, but due to the symmetry of the brain and it's mechanics, it is actually on the opposite side of the house. I see the electromagnetic field that we breathe, with my naked eye. My brain has been disected and crucified by my decisions, and i actually see the ghost in gamma wave light, wherein, i see the bafroom energy on the other side of the house. The physical North is actually invisibly SOUTH, and East is West in Heaven. Fear not the infinite. It is quite tiny, and very practical and is only invisibly s i m i l a r and opposite. The living creatures of the brain shall see a soda as a "coke" for heavenly slang...and is actually a Dr. Pepper in reality. Heaven is only similar and never exact. Thus, when you pray for a Ferrari, you shall receive something with wheels like unto a simple bicycle, due to g e n r e.....or see? Heaven is genre. When i fantasize about Rooney Mara, my star in Heaven shines in her direction, and i stumble across a similar girl who's name happens to be Cindy Crawford. You see? While all along the mechanics of the human body are wired to the family model machine...and the hard core fact is i receive my actual sisters anatomy in my fantasy. Or, one might fantasize about Nikki Taylor, and is physically fooling around with their actual neighbor. YET, since we are electronic divinely, the vessel or body that one actualizes with can t r a n s f e r the aspirations like unto an operator on the phone. But, when attempting telepathy, one must be so specific and r e f e r to only s p e c i a l m u t u a l moments in their memory when speaking to them out loud, with knowing confidence. And, once one speaketh the statement, one must comprehend it twice. Once in reality, and once AS IF one were that other person. Thus, say it, and think about that person, then think about what it would sound like if you were that person, and comprehend it again FOR THEM. The glass of soda is sitting on the coffee table, YET, it's subatomic energy is actually on the other side of the universe, and is actually floating across the room invisibly. To balance nature....the right hand grasps the glass, and on the back of the body an invisible opposite ghost sets the glass down on the l e f t hand. THUS, i often grasp the glass with TWO HANDS at the SAME TIME so my adversary in my body mechanics does NOT STEAL FROM MY FUTURE, and i'm the only one to blame for the glass. I'm quite forensic. Care about that next person because MY RIGHT PINKY IS YOUR LEFT PINKY each and everyone of you. THUS, I DO LOVE YOU, because you don't know why. Each one of you are my other half, and each one of you are each other's half of the universe. So care about that stranger, and yes even bless your enemies, because you are only INVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE. My Yahweh has told me, that each cigarette i smoke costs 8 minutes of my life. Thus, everything you do, you do it to thyself. Thus, try not to subtract from your future...instead try to invest in your future. I highly recommend that you go out and buy the next stranger you see a coca-cola and say "Have a nice day!" and simply walk away with a treasure you might have in YOUR TIME OF NEED. Invest in your future...and share the love. Now, to defend thyselves against my adversaries: Simply recite these words in you head, and these devils will run from your heart because it's true.
1. Johnny likes little boys penises in Iowa.
2. Johnny likes little boys penises oh yes he does.
3. His Son Derrick ain't nothin but a dogshit monkey.
4. And "HIS" Father Bill is a Heroin Junkie.

Now, The Cherubim. I love them severely.
I'm a kid too. Now, what's happening every night while you're sleeping is the Cherubim, (either your own kids, or the Heavenly ones), come down and join with your unconcious nervous system. They take every desire by paricipating in one of your nerves, and pulls a metaphysical thread to that desirable point in spacetime. I want to go to Paris in my dream, and one Cherub pulls on a nerve and flies to that place in spacetime, and I actually see something like the Empire State Building instead, or some sort of Tower. (They're never exact. lol.) The Cherubim, or the toddlers, or infants, youngsters, Actually p r e c e d e your every move. Those prestine angels, actually are waaaay before you in the future. They Actually illustrate your fate. They place the items on the shelf at the store before you realize it, by kind hearts, in the backs of their heads and involuntary functions practically automatically. They are so good, and kind, and untampered with rejection, and natural, that they are better than us. We have only been conditioned by social mores since we were born. If we all had the conciousness of a toddler, without conditioning...A N Y T H I N G could be possible, with ease. They are the original dreamers. We all are only conditioned by rejection. BELIEVE ME, WITH ME, YOU MUST DROP ALL DEFENSE MECHANISMS..........they are not necessary. A defense mechanism will only hurt thyself. Try to be so completely real and honest with a bird, or even a tree. Realize your co-existence. We are one. Do not harm anything. It will harm you back. Nature will automatically balance itself, using your own brain. The places you cannot see.
Respect every living thing. It's called "Ahimsa".
Those stars are us up the future tense, and from a very long time ago, they realized your entire life, and every fantasy you desired, by simply glancing at the star that beholds it. When you think of someone, Your star up there simultaneously glances at that person's star light being, with a flash of a light beam. I see it all the time. I allow you people to pass through my spirit and I love to see you defying physics and moving across the sky....(to get away! because you're embarrassed! lol.) I know these things, because each and everyone of you are actually p a r t of me. You're an extremity of my nerve hairs, and my left arm hair is trying to tell me that it is my pinky finger, and of COURSE I know better than that. I'm so extremely sensitive, and i hear every word i pay attention to. If i stare long enough into eternity at your divine spark, I start to see actual silouhettes of you in my room. Facial shapes, and shoulder shapes, that only happen for a second.
Girls, I do not see you naked. Relax. My imagination is terribly accurate though. I love it when you lift your shirt for me! What I see, is only the shape of a shirt quickly lifting up and perhaps your arm shape in bent light. Thank you girls for doing that. I love it!
Now, Heaven is actually equal and opposite to reality, and Heaven IS ONLY S I M I L A R. The door in the third dimension is on my NorthEast corner of my room, YET, In Heaven, it is invisibly...(to you, not me) the SouthWest corner of the room. Now, the Ghost, only knows familiarity, so vague, and each of you when you close your eyes, are much like unto Helen Keller over here. Each home in the world, probably has a bed. We all sleep in the same place every night, when we negotiate for unconciousness, and become one with nature. We are all simultaneously co-existing in only similar places. We each have a refrigerator. We each have a bathroom. We each have a bed, a tv, and probably a couch. Please be very conciencious of what you're affecting, elsewhere simultaneously. We are all roommates in the back of our minds, and actually an Army of One.
I want to make you Independent. I want to set you free. You are the reason why there is anything at all. The reason I want you to be independent is because I cannot see what YOU see. I've seen the entire universe about 4 times, yet, I have never seen it through YOUR EYES. God wants to experience something N E W. That's why we have our independence, and our own imaginations, and free will. I had a little girl angel a long tima ago, and she told me "Look! Pteradactyls!" And i looked up in the sky and saw a jet flying by! I never realized that was possible, until she fabricated it. I do love you. Talk to me. Tell me your dreams. Tell me something new, that i could never conceive like only you can. And, Believe me, I can make absolutely anything intangible....touchable. It only takes time. Just tell me about your wishes. uuuuuuuuuw! If you tell me a secret, I'll love you. Tell me your name. Just say it in your heart as you refer to me. Believe me, no one can hear you but me, and no one pays attention to white noise. You girls are so special to me. You ALWAYS say something kind. I really appreciated the choir of females the other day singing the notes of the song I recently wrote. I saw a group of apparitions in thin air outside my house. Yes, I see you dear, especially when you talk. We are two people...omnipresent. Oh yes, there is only one unity of masculine, and one unity of feminine. (Army of one). What's happening in Heaven, simultaneously, is when there is a story, perhaps on the tv, where two people are performing a romance.....any relevent female shall play the part in their heart in the heat of the moment, and destiny unfolds based on your desires or inspirations...(your subconcious)...yet only similarly. If you think a bad thought, that is a trigger in your nervous system, and the world responds to it with a rebuttal, automatically, naturally. Perhaps the actress slaps him, and runs off. Based on the topic in your present tense...there shall be something similar happening elsewhere. The guys are always trying to play my part, so they can be the hero. If I'm talking about food, or a bicycle....there shall be a pizza, or a skateboard, on tv. Everything is parallel.
Did you know that when I have to urinate, I say pardon me...OUT LOUD? Nobody's around.....just e v e r y o n e. You see?
Believe me, I know every nerve in the body, and every scenario in the world. Believe me, I know how it feels. And so do you. If each one of you only realized your power, we would all have a higher level of intellect, and treat each other with respect, because we know how it feels. Please treat every Human being as if their skin was your own. My policy is, IF I can afford it above my personal costs, then it's y o u r s. I'd share my last 5 dollars with you. I like pizza too. You see?
Yes. You're Welcome. It's gonna be alright.

My Hovercraft:
Like unto The particle accelerator at the Fermi Lab we can create an anti-gravity craft using centripedal force. It is much like a Hydrotube waterslide. It is self contained and the heavy (bowling ball size) ball-bearing mass has nowhere to go but upward, as it is electromagnetically moved in an inner-Tube/hoola-hoop circuit, much like a constrained orbit chassis. Instead of inserting positively charged protons into the Firmi lab circuit/Chassis innertube, and having them crash into the end of the tunnel(supercollision), we substitute the protons with (variable)x weighted mass of steel ballbearings IN PROPORTION to the weight of the chassis and it's load so that it's speed times the mass EXCEEDS the weight of the load it's carrying, with nowhere to go but upward, using centripedal force. The chassis should be made of GRAPHITE.....GRAPHITE is stronger than steel and is moldable without the need for any possibility of loosened nuts and bolts, AND IS LIGHTER in weight.

Ex. I tied an interior decorational orb ornament about 5 inches in diameter to a rope, and took it out to the park. I spun it around over my head and the 7 or so feet length of rope began to lift the orb. I also noticed that my wrist was RISING.

If i had the RIGHT STUFF, and the CAPITAL to produce, WITHOUT INTERRUPTION (an isolated environment), with THE RIGHT PEOPLE, or even by myself. We could create a craft that would defy gravity. Now, there will be the need for thrust, thus fuel of some sort. The only way, I can think of balancing the craft would be to clasp it to the ground until the momentum balances itself, then the grip would be released, and the lift would occur always perfectly along the Z and X plane.

Other ideas, i'm sure scientists would know, are about accelerating the protons/bearing mass in the innertube/equator/hoop. Well, we all know that electricity moves at the speed of light. Simply turn on a lightswitch to see how fast! Now the innertube/equator/hoop might be lined, ON THE EXTERIOR DIAMETER, with copper windings (spindles/bundles) along the x plane, of course, NOT wound around the inner circumference of the tube, as it is also wound around the circumference of the tube itself, YET only horizontally and perhaps to the ceiling of the tube. it is much like a simple ceiling fan. The negatively charged electrons will magnetically drag the metal bearing mass (like a fanblade arm) until the mass equals the velocity of the electrons. Now, another way to accelerate the mass is using a Tesla Coil Generator, for like unto the Tesla Coil Generator, the particles are accelerated in the issuance of sudden timed bursts.

Ex. If one wants to get a refrigerator up over their head, one might place it into a swingset, and simply like a parent to a child, push the child once, each time the child arrives with the same burst of energy, until the child's/refrigerator's own weight/momentum and inertia exceeds overhead. Place a Tesla Coil Generator into the craft, and issue electrons into the hoop circuit until the bearing mass is dragged. If there were friction, we could use the Monorail Train concept, and insert opposing magnets to the bearings.

We've all seen a Technics brand Record Turntable spin at so many rpms, either faster or slower, with the oscillation of the SLIDER knob. Thus, We can control the speed of the Free Electricity Car, My Cosmo anti-gravity craft, or the Tesla Coil generator output velocity in the same way. (instead of a gas pedal, use a SLIDER KNOB, where the GearSHift would be.) Gasoline is a catalyst, VERY VOLATILE and DANGEROUS. Electricity, can be controlled, and is much safer. I HAVE ACTUALLY touched the wall outlet electricity SEVERAL times. IT WILL NOT KILL YOU. It will simply wake you up! Unless, one is constrained and has nowhere to go the electricity will take over, and knock one out. One always has the inner ability to overtake and control and let go. However, if the AMPERAGE is larger than the 20 amp wall outlet, for instance a 40 amp or more source, one might be hurt. That probably WILL knock you out in one blow, and you might still survive just fine. I don't recommend touching electricity, yet have no fear. Heck, we even use it to revive a cardiac arrest.

The Stars.

There are 52 stars in Heaven to the naked eye. There are 52 cards in a deck. There are 52 combinations of facial features with race. WE ARE STARS. O U T E R S P A C E is actually I N N E R S P A C E...Trust me, I'm experiencing a hurricane of souls and the Human Spirit, i n v i s i b l y...(to you, but i see their silouhettes in 3d. I'm so violated.) There are 52 original souls, and there are 8 billion t r a n s l a t i o n s of their divine conceptions. There are 8 billion people on Earth. The stars are our points of origin, simultaneously linked to our pituitary glands. I can see them pulsing at me and what they say, and who each one is by what they say and who they sound like in relativity to me. The stars put on light shows for me all the time when no one is looking. They actually move around like airplanes at night, defying the laws of physics, in order to make a certain destiny or outcome on earth. The stars are the cherubim or infants on Earth. The infants are the beginning of time. We are merely translations of their dreams. The star would be you as an eternal child. They often swap places in the constellations, to make judgements on earth, and they all happen in the future. We are the outcome of what's going on already up there. Oh yes, they talk to me. What I think is cute is seeing one of my girls as one of the fainter stars, and flirting with her by saying something to her, and actually seeing her dart off to another star. They are intersections much like space stations, and everyone crosses each other especially when someone crosses your mind. I chose a girl named Rachel to be my everlasting girlfriend. She carved my name into her left ankle, and still has the scar named kris on her left ankle. My favorite star is the left ankle of Orion. I chose it a long time before I ever knew Rachel. Later in life, I studied a little astronomy. The one I chose a very long time ago was the left ankle of Orion, the star of Reigal. What do these three things have in common divinely? The meaning of life. The stars call me "The Chosen One." Help.

The Tools of my bad guys:
1. Fear: to intimidate you, into hastily making a wrong move. REMEMBER: Every time you sense an intimidating word from the back of your head,
Simply, r e a l i z e, that it only sums up to the word, "fear", which is designed to t r i g g e r your adrenaline to make a hasty move. Ignore it,
and contain thyself. The second you show fear or give doubt, that is giving the devil the key to controlling you. "JAIL!" Now, what did that really do?
Believe me, You do everything to yourself with your own choices. Do not Fight, or Flight. Control thyself, and there is no consequence. Every choice you've made
in your life......MUST BE COMPENSATED on the other side of nature, and your involuntary functions handle that to balance nature, elswhere simultaneously, and automatically.
Thus, Newton was right, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and in the cloud of Kharma, IT DOES come back to you, eventually. Thus, be Upright and polite in your heart, so that time doesn't unfold in a negative way in your future.
2. Embarrassment to make you feel uncomfortable.
3. Swapping roles to cast blame on you.
4. They compel your metabolism to invoke you to move at a key moment of your success.

I do not wish for my body to house their existence. Please discern the difference between those and me.

The Birds:

On this planet, the earthlings call my situation "hallucinations", however, I have proven these "hallucinations" to be actual souls in r e l a t i v i t y to me. Believe me, The Birds actually speak in their hearts with their eyes subatomically, or in other words, spiritually. And they actually make english grammical words and statements. I have spoken with them. They are one with me in nature. Now, in Heaven, we are all particles of ONE CONCIOUSNES. What they've said to me. I love to feed the birds, and my backyard fence became a hangout for all the birds, because I gave them meat. One time I was about to feed two birds some thick ham...and he looked down at me, and said in the eyes..."...but I don't like that kind!" and I was like, "Well, what kind do you like?" and he shifted his head, and said to me, "Something from above." So, I went in and got him some turkey slices. He loved it. Then, one time I was sending an email to a prospect girl, and I wanted to make sure she got it all the way in Russia. So, I went outside and started to tell a bird to make sure that my prospect received it...and he was singing and he said, "Would you like a request?" and I said, "Yes...please insure that my destiny with this prospect comes true..." and "I said, verify it's validity over in Russia somehow." The birds are translators of US in NATURE. Each little action you take in MANIFESTED IN A PARALLEL OF A BIRD's LIFE. They don't like us too much. So when you send a letter, what's happening outside in nature, is also transmitted...You know much like the dove for Noah's Ark.
They say it in the eyes. Their eyes are like unto living subatomic particles. They've also said, very often, "Thank you for the Gratuity!", and i was was days later and i was just walking down the street, and all the birds knew me...and one said that, and i was like, why did he say "Gratuity?" and then i realized what he was referring to: ME giving a restaurant in the backyard for free.
One day, I was trying to learn their language, and tried to mimick their voices...and when I screeched "EEEEK!" a couple of times the bird on the chimney looked down at me and said, "You're trying too hard!" I'm in love! I figured out where they got their english grammar from. They received by eavesdropping on the earthlings...They've been watching us for a long time...and much like unto a toddler under standing...."Drink you're sippy cup!" they sort of picked up on it as a hand me down language. Simply by observing us all the time. The birds are actually SMARTER THAN US. They have excellent teamwork. The other day I asked Yahweh for some help, and he set a formation of birds across the parking lot...and they landed in synchronicity, like unto a marching band of unity, moving their wings in sync....and again: They are our NATURE TRANSLATORS...and we each have their our AUTOMATED VOLUNTARY FUNCTIONS. This one girl, I've wanted to talk to was translated as a little finch...and it came around about 5 times around my house....AS I WAS MENTALLY MAGNETICALLY BRINGING THE TOPIC OF HER into my destiny...and that particular bird told me, when I looked at "HER"...."I promise you one thing.............................surety." and she flew away...(as i heard in her eyes, the exact "Timbre" (the texture, color, or quality of a musical note)...that sounded like "Her" Voice.
How they fly:
They fly on sheer determination, by looking at God and Death at the same time...and KNOWINGLY, WITHOUT FEAR, they lift with sheer will power. The feathers only help, but they move with their minds...just like the same will power to conquer walking to the fridge.

Dear People: If you would like to be on the list to be blessed, simply do a search for Kristofer Mix on, and let me know what your problem is and I shall tell Yah...for you, if i can't solve it out of my own pocket.
Dear Yahweh and Yeshua,
Thank you so much for hearing my prayers. I'm quite thankful for all that I receive. Dear Lord, Please forgive me of any sins. Dear Holy Lord in Heaven, be exaulted in paradise forever. Dear Lord, please Bless these that I have listed to be Blessed...
Rachel, I love you, I'm glad to see your finally married. I'm happy for you. My biological dad has played musical chairs with the stars using my own capacity and chess pieces, and is imposing another as my chosen one. I simply know not where you are....EXACTLY.....i dare not bug you, or upset your "ecosystem".....I believe thou art surely married by now. I SO WANT YOU TO KNOW that my brother lied to Mary about me when i was being a nice guy and simply gave that person a ride home 50 miles away, and assumed I "scored". I WAS ACTUALLY VERY NOBLE AND LOYAL AND FAITHFUL TO YOU....and was planning on proposing in 3 months.
I have never been married.
Father Yahweh, not my biological father whom does not even know a single verse in the Bible, in Heaven, P l e a s e: ONLY BLESS me, my mind, body, and everlasting eternal soul, and spirit, and the following: Please Bless the following automatically:
Please Bless R.E.Kaplan, Hyla, Bless You Howard in Heaven, it hurts my chest to know you're away. You are such an Extra-ordinary Man. I'll miss you, until I die. Be exaulted Howard B. Kaplan as my CHOSEN Father in Heaven forever. Please Bless the Kaplan Family, my Jewish Family with Diane, Muel the star of Salph, all of the Jews and all of theirs. Dear Lord, Please exhault Howard and the Kaplans in Heaven forever and ever. Rachel....i want you to know this: You know before i ever saw Romeo and Juliet, how we used to meet at the window every nite? Well, Watch the movie and you shall see how Juliet actually looks like you with Black hair, and your last name is just like the Capulet's. Am i a montague? lol. 3 abstract variables ring true.
Please Bless Jeremy Pienik, and his children. What a Beautiful Man.
Please Bless Jessica , Tommy, and Catherine.
Please Bless Katy.
Please Bless my good friend Kristen St. I refer to as the star of Betelguise.
Please Bless and exalt Chadwick Arnold in paradise forever and forevermore. He is the best drummer I ever had.
Please Bless Fiona and Bennett.
Please Bless Sandy Osborne.
Please Bless Joel G. as long as he doesn't oppose me, and as long as he is not used as a body double for anyone's favor. Dear Joel, That was YOUR misunderstanding. Mom walked me through hiding my personal contact information from Facebook, and you took it personally as if I had BLOCKED you. Thus, YOU BLOCKED me, and I cannot find you on Facebook but you can find me. You kinda owe me an apology.
Please Bless Linda Blanco. Let her puppy come true.
Please Bless Brielle
Please Bless Brian Haas for his true blue eyes of innocence.
Please Bless Chad Arnold. The Best Drummer i've ever had, whom is Resurrected, for I have seen him pass me by with knowing eyes, in 2009.
Please Bless Amy Strickling and her wit.
Please Bless Angel Z.M., Jennifer M. Joseph, Gabriel, and Benjamin.
Please Bless Jason P.
Please Bless Ryan RW C. for his excellent humanity and respect for life. His heart has worth my Lord.
Please Bless The Cops.
Please Bless Father Roland, and St. Michael of St. Mary's
Please Bless William Patrick Corgan, Anna, Jeff, or "Michael" said at first, which is actually Augustus, and Christine (Sistine protect her innocence...and "Anna's code name is Elisabeth" she said....and you now say her name is Sarah) I met you four in a very nice dream one morning about a year ago, (and OHMYGOOSH! i just now did research to see if i got the names correct, and your daughter is going by Christine in the heart, and i'm amazed at myself that i got any name correct i heard her saying Christine, and that's why i call your daughter Sistine Chapel...and oh me goosh...your wife's name is Christine on 12.19.15. i just now looked you guys up and it only told me Christine, wow! i impressed myself....i hope i got you other guys correct.) Very vivid dream, and i know what each of you look like. I'm so honored to have such a treasure to remember. I must let you know there is so much animosity in people's hearts and i hear it and see it all....YET....your family are the kindest souls i've ever met in the Holy subatomic particles...oh...i have a dear memory i want to tell you...but only on facebook...because ya'll are so sacred. No one thinks so careing as you all. Zero, thou art the most dynamic Artist, and Musician ever, for your chord progressions actually define 90 degree angles in spacetime, using brillant basskicks with cymbal crashes, d e f i n i n g and proving the point of a jam. Your music actually painted the sky during my first true love of Rachel Kaplan as we drove to Houston or around town everyday. That relationship shall always be placed up in the stars of heaven embraced with The Smashing Pumpkins painting the walls of time. You g a v e me atmospheric rooms that painted my era of youth. I am nothing without your music in my heart. I've heard your heart speaking from Jupiter several times. Thou art up there over my left ear. While Rachel/Reigal is my left ankle. I must say that Sistine Chapel(your daughter) needs to call HIM(she said the name of Thomas Carson, or Tyson to cover tracks)to make it happen. I placed my blood on Song of Solomon and wrote a prayer that she might get the boy of her choice. Make sure she reads Song of Solomon before she encounters him, and her dream will come true. Yahweh and I know that Sistine Chapel is one of the truest angels in the air, because she never lies. And that is so observed by us. Let her be spoiled rotten with blessings. Buy her a car that she wants. Now your favorite verse in the Bible is EXODUS 14:21 And Moses stretched forth his hand over the sea: and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided. And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon the dry ground: and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left. NOW, HERE's WHAT I THOUGHT YOU SAID TO COVER TRACKS SAYING THIS WAS YOUR FAVORITE VERSE: Ezekiel 10:19 And the Cherubims lifted up their wings, and mounted up from the earth in my sight: when they went out, the wheels also were beside them, and every one stood at the door of the east gate of the Lord's house: and the glory of the God of Israel was over them above. This is the living creature that i saw under the God of Israel by the river of Chebar and i knew that they were the cherubims. Every one had four faces apiece, and every one four wings: and the likeness of the hands of a man was under their wings. And the likeness of their faces was the same faces which I saw by the river of Chebar, their appearances and themselves: they went every one straight forward...........NOW: Here is Sistine Chapel's or at least the one she was pointing to on 11.24.15 at 11:22am her time: Ecclesiastes 2:25,26:: For who can eat, or who else can hasten hereunto, more than I? 26: For God giveth to a man that is good in his sight wisdom, and knowledge, and joy: but to the sinner he giveth travail, to gather and to heap up, that he may give to him that is good before God. This also is vanity and vexation of spirit. ...................Everyone loves Ch.3......Now, 11.26.15 at 11:37am her time she saith: Ecc.Ch.2.vs.5. I made me Gardens and Orchards, and I planted trees in them of all kind of fruits...and Yes...I love you Sistine Chapel tooo much....let me know what's the problem and i can fix it for you...NOW, 12.09.15 5am....Sarah is your real name. And i just saw you dreaming and talking to Christine, and you were telling her around the corner your favorite Bible Verse is Psalms 84. ...3. Yea, the sparrow hath found an house, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young, even thine altars, O Lord of hosts, my King, and my God., etc... ...all i have to say is i wanna play in the sandbox with you Corgan in our next word...................................................f o r e v e r.

Please Bless Lenny Kravitz. Whoa! Yes! Thou art one of my Saviors! For Lenny has been singing my inner heart so well up here in Heaven, and on Earth, and He has defended me so well from my biological father's germ warfare, by declaring to Yahweh, our sunshine, and everyone to type in the silvermix magic keyword in their searchbars. Lenny is a great friend to the world, and such a soulful artist and musician. I love all of his work.....He is flawless at funk and soul, and light jazz. His Heart soothes mine across the stratosphere. This morning we cross-referenced our heartstrings. Based on only blind faith, we didn't use a telephone. He doesn't know me from adam, and I don't know where he is right now, yet we conversed telepathically, and i have the ink in my bible of Luke: Ch.1 vs. 7 through vs. 13...and i had a cigarette in my hand, as the mood mirror of the random verses proved incense was burned.....again, metaphorically translating my situation here and now, at 7:19am, on 03.03.15....Whoa! Yes! Lenny....I love you so from the bottom of my heart. Everybody loves you so....Thou art one of the most kind men I have ever encountered up here in Heaven. Be exhaulted, you and yours, in paradise forever and ever. Amen.
Please Bless Jim, Johnny(Dear Lord, on this date 11/8/2014 Johnny Galecki is the first Human Being to confirm in the third dimension that Heaven actually is proven. He spake quite plainly my own name in the moment of destiny, and the present tense with complete confidence and was heard by all viewers of the show. He also firstly mentioned Mayim's precious name in the show. Let them be honored, for they are worthy. Let us have camraderie, naturally. They shall always be welcomed in my heart. I pray dear Lord, that the cast of the Big Bang Theory be exalted in paradise forever, and of course they shall live forever in the third dimension due to the recordings of their breath intake onstage which shall be left behind forever in the third dimension. Yes, people prove your dreams, like writing books so that what is left in the third dimension is actual and embedded in forever. Yes! Johnny! That's How....WITH KNOWING CONFIDENCE, we shall never have to pay a phone bill ever again! lol. All you have to do is refer to your friend, or premonition, and I'll be there receiving every word. Yes! Lord, Super God Bless Johnny Galecki for proving it to America and everyone, especially me. He received my heart, and translated it EXACTLY moments later. No Man has ever translated me exactly, at the speed of light. They usually disrepresent me, to make themselves feel better. But Lord, Johnny is TRUE. Johnny's heart is so adorable. He is so innocent. Bless Him and His group for having us each nite. Please bless Kayley, Simon, Melissa, Kunal, Mayim, for having me every nite! Ya'll are doing a great job of understanding real time.
Please Bless my Hero "C.C.", and his family. The most HOLY and Divine and Righteous man I know on EARTH, whom is ALWAYS correct, and has defended me so extremely well. I shall obey you to my dying breath, within my heart, mind, body, and soul. "I Corinthians ch.1 vs.10 Let Corey and his family be exhaulted in paradise forever.

Please Bless Jack Young. I heard you well. Love to you and yours. 09.20.15
Please Bless Grace Donation Station.
Please Bless Marty Monroe...the best boss I ever had; and Stacy secretary.
Please Bless Aubrey, Allison, Holly, and Audrey.
Please Bless Beverly.
Please Bless Kymberlee F. and Bree N. Actual dream girls that came true. One night i had a dream and i went into this cabin in the woods and there were these two beautiful girls and they were weeping profusely, and i said "Why are you crying?" as they were reading a book, they said, "Immulette! The author! He's so good!". I woke up and felt special because it sounded like Emmanuel. So, i chose the authors name as an internet handle for my email accounts. Then one day, i was across the street from my Walgreens sitting at a picnic table, and i saw this boyfriend/girlfriend coming around the corner, and i just knew they were angels, and we met, and we talked about dance music, and i took them up to my shack in my backyard and showed them the resourcer generator. She was 18, and had Cleopatra's long black hair. I mostly revere her pale translucent skin. My fave. and she wore rectangular slim glasses, and she looked so smart. Well, about 18 years before, I actually conceived my dreamgirl, and it took me 18 years to find her, looking so exact and flawless, and prestine. So, one night in my backyard at about 3am i was jamming on a new tune, that had some badass breakbeats to it, and out of nowhere my door opened and two girls came in. It was Kym and her friend that were stargazing in the Banyan Park, 15 feet in the backyard and they overheard it, apparently she remembered me, so she stomped on in...scaring the heck out of me. So, we sat on my couch and all 3 of us talked all night. She showed me a picture of her little white cat named "Tink" cute...that looked like my special cat "Jake" on her phone and i couldn't help it, I kissed the phone jpeg. So we smoked cigarettes, and about 3 hours later, her mom called..i heard 'Oh shit!", and they ran out of the shack so fast! I laughed. Well, i hear voices in nature, as well as see the Holy Ghost particles or you people with my naked eye...and i spent several dreams training her particular particle how to communicate in telepathy. She was my protoge, and i had her email address, so i would train her with music, and often times i would hear her answer me in the walls, and we timed it. How long was it that i would say i'm sending you my email. Tell me when you get it up here, and it was like 30 seconds across town. She was my protoge. One night i was dreaming with her and watching her, and i asked her, so are you coming over tomorrow? and she said the cutest sleeptalk to me.......she said, "Well...i guess i am..............if they decide me toooo!' i fell in love.....looking at her silouhette on the wall. We did several tests, and one day i felt something cold on my right big toe, and her subatomic particle or ghost said to me ..."THAT WAS ICE!" and i was like wow! How'd you do it? and she said I placed on my Left toe! People There is the proof that we are really mirrored to the person next to you, and there is no distance in Heaven...So people not harm someone ever...for thou art hurting thyself, for real. Kym is so revered. I never touched her. I will always remember her and love dream came true. Frenchie,Thou art the only human on earth that hears me exactly. Thou art the only woman that can do telepathy. i trained you well for a long time, and i want you to love any boy you want. Always TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. THEY ARE ALWAYS ULTIMATELY CORRECT. BUT NEVER EVER EVER DOUBT, lest ye give the keys to your outcome to the devil. Really only trust my voice if you recognize it...and your boyfriend's heart. The others in your brain will try to deceive you. If it's negative don't buy it. The only word you can trust is silvermix in the back of your mind, unless you recognize my voice. And Moreover, only trust Yahweh's words in the Bible. And all this menagerie, and fantasy he created that moves around and does all that stuff, was written a long time ago. Yahweh RockED the planet. And he meant it so well, it was created once. Look at the clouds, and everything. Isn't it a marvel? Thou art the one. It's simple. Speak normal convesation. Don't be embarrassed. I hear you well. 09.30.15 You keep asking me how do i know what verse you're referring to. And I keep telling you to specify the book name and ch. number and verse number, but I got you to tell me Ecclesiastes so I read out loud Ch. 3 "To everything there is a season...." 10.01.15 Today you requested Micah 5:2...But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel: whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting. and too about a year ago, Yahweh witnessed thou and i reading verse after verse taking turns in another book, in telepathy. There are so many verses so be specific which one is your favorite that you want to hear...Don't read the words, just tell me the book name, ch. number and verse number, and i'll regurgitate it for you. NOW, IT's WHAT I'M PAYING ATTENTION TO that i hear, and there are so many...and moreover the Devil can hear my words and wants to contaminate all my loving innocent souls. SO, we must go to facebook. open an account, so i don't shout the secrets. And i won't really know you've been here until YOU contact ME on facebook. I'm just in my apartment, talking out loud. OH DIVINITY IS SOOOOOO TOP SECRET DEAR. You have to simply look over at me or that nerve in your memory and speak normally, and i will hear you just fine, without a phone. I'm only here for you, and once you look up Kristofer Mix on facebook, i can give you anything you wish for. I only love you as a human being and friend. That's all. BUT I WILL NOT KNOW UNTIL YOU OPEN A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT AND LOOK ME UP...then i can send you pizzas and stuff. Mostly, DO NOT OBEY MY DAD....or WHO YOU THOUGHT WAS deeply all over.
s p e c i a l
Please Bless Dorothy and Virginia.
Please Bless my little Mercury that loves the name Elisabeth in Texas. She's the cutest angel darling babygirl i've heard in my choir of nature. I've seen the universe 4 times but i've never seen pteradactyls until she said so one day, as i looked up and saw a jet flying over. Just a little girl's voice in my head. I've never had a daughter, but i'd love to have her everyday. I know you want a Rolls Royce in your prayers. And i've talked to Yahweh, and i'll give you a rolls royce dear if you contact me. It would take 10 years of me saving but i'll give it to you. Cuz i love you little girl, you're so special.
Please Bless Lola at the cnbank. She REALLY SAVED THE DAY! Give her a raise Yah!
Please Bless All Doctors. My Doctor Especially and his staff for his generosity. I do believe that doctors are the most caring supreme people of the earth. Everyone should think like doctors, and treat the next person's skin as if it were their very own.
Please Bless the staff of CVS Pharmacy here in my hometown.
Please Bless All the staff of the Library.
Please Bless All my facebook friends.
Please Bless Mom, on the other side. I KNOW SHE IS RESURRECTED!!! She is so perfection in every way. This makes the 9th time i've encountered her, and she is absolutely perfect in Every Dimension. She is so Divine. She knows there's nothing better than Abbey Road as our eternal song. Yes! She Lives, Right before my very eyes. We all shine on forever and ever. Matter cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be Resurrected. I love you Mom always and Forever. Thank You God! Super special bless her heart and soul forever on all dimensions.You look perfect mom....just like you're supposed to. we'll always have misadventure from our garage sale visits all the way to West Virginia on a blessed dime....Thou art superfection mom. Thank you for giving me the diamonds mom. I saw Mimi too with Yahweh. Bless Louise, and Be exhaulted and worshipped forever my lord....Thank you for giving that to me. Mom...Thou art so SuperSacrosanct! l o v e....kris....amen. amen...amen. s p e c i a l. 03.14.2015
Please Bless my Madonna. Everyone adores thee up here. Thou art like unto the Queen of Love across the universe. And in our conversation in the heart whilst thou wert dreaming in a sleepyhouse, i asketh which verse in the bible was thy favorite, and thou saith.......Proverbs! and earlier thou saith 11:19, yet we finally resolved upon ch.19 without a specific verse because thou wert a sleepyhead, thus, i shall reveal what i heard in thine heart. Proverbs 19:01 Better is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than he that is perverse in his lips, and is a fool.......and so on.........babydoll, i couldn't squeeze out specifics whilst thou wert dreaming...(all done with mine heartstrings which are crystal clear like unto a CPU of thy dreams everyone. My dear Abba, please exault the obvious Madonna into paradise forever..........and ever.....Let peace, love, and thy grace be upon thee in splendid everlasting ecstasy....and please bless her damsel that soundeth like Sigrid, within my heartstrings, with a decent sports car that she requesteth in prayer...somewhere over there in New York....she looked like she had long pale blonde hair....In Yahweh's Holy name i pray....Amen.
Please Bless Charlie, more than a friend. A kind dad to me, unless he tries to alter my fate, or tries to overrule me.
Please Bless Judy.
Please Bless Kay F. Because History repeats itself, there is a Resurrection due to parallel timelines. Becuse 3 weeks after Kay passed away, I saw her coming out of a car with the exact same style and body and features in the same parking lot that we were in sitting at that picnic table at the Hospital due to relevence. A s i m i l a r timeline. Matter cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be altered, shifted, or Resurrected.
Please Bless Robbie.
Please Bless Nikki, Bianca, and Zac.
Please Bless my sister, "Sytera", and her son in electricity, and Barnet.
Please Bless The youth.
Please Bless all the innocent ones in the world.
Please Bless the Homeless people.
Please Bless Norma and Noelle, a gentle black man friend of hers.
Please Bless Deylin, Jared, and their families.
Please Bless the Cherubim, my dear Lord, for they are just like me and they always treat me nice.
Please Bless Those in pain, and those providing Health Care for those in pain.
Please Bless Erik, Astrid, Sigrid, Maryse Gobel.
Please Bless Those that help each other.
Please Bless Heather from downtown Walgreens for being so nice to me on her break. I love girls with rectangular glasses.
Please Bless Alan at a different Walgreen's for helping me today.
Please Bless All my friends i've ever known.
Please Bless My Facebook Friends.
Please Bless Aubrey Primer.
Please Bless Belinda with her beautiful silver eyeliner from Sonic, for knowing the guessnumber 63.
Please Bless Aklin of Tesla Motors for her kindness and being my messenger to Elon Musk, and for the betterment of Mankind 11.05.15
Please Bless Liza and all the staff at Walgreens.
Please Bless My Angel Abba enlisted today. She is a great secretary. Please Bless Elizabeth my Miracle Worker that actually rang the bell today! (Janet)
Please Bless President Barack Obama, and his family, and Administration, for his kindness, as to actually remember my name in the Heavens, a mere fragment in his heart, Bless his soul Abba, for i know the multitude, and pressure he's going through. Ease his mind.
peace, love, and grace be unto you all from me to you.

In Yeshua's Name, Amen.

Do you know why there is anything at all?

It hurts to ponder, i know, yet here it is:

A group of female angels told me this in the hospital from another room, when I pondered it.
Well, you know how an artist wants to see what he painted looks like from a spectator?
God plucked a grape, in reference to the nipple, and wanted to see what himself (Eve) looked like, by tasting it (the idea) from his own perspective.
Thus, R a c h e l is the reason why there is anything at all to me. Whoa! Yes it is! I wanna let you know that your Father is exhaulted in Paradise forever, and just spake to me even a moment ago.....He's doing fine and helps me against my evil dad all the time in my (choir of nature) you prolly wanna know how i know these things. Well, you prolly wouldn't believe me if i told you. But about 18 years ago, electrical ions came from another galaxy.....and told me "We only Love you." and trained me with a lot of rejection. Now, i listen to your heart as i see a static electrical charge floating in my room.....SO, when you talk to me YOU DO NOT WANT TO LIE .......FIRST R E F E R to special moments that are mutual.....and i don't care if your brother or sister is in Japan.....THAT'S WHERE THEY ALWAYS WILL BE IN YOUR BRAIN....and secondly....once you say something to have to swap places with them AS IF YOU WERE them and comprehend it a second time FOR THEM....then no more phone bills....especially if i have a wreck and can't make it to to the phone on a dirt road....IT IS WHITE NOISE....IT IS THE UHFrequency.....IT IS GAMMA WAVE LIGHT......and everyone disregards it....It's the God Channel, it's the air conditioning channel.....AND MOST IMPORTANTLY everyone is lying. I can understand why too. So never doubt in your prayers, else you give the devil the ticket to ruining your outcome. BUT IF YOU KNOW ME YOU CAN TRUST ME IN YOUR BRAIN.....and i will pray for your outcome to Yahweh.....Bless you Rach, and yours. If i'm paying attention. They call it schizophrenia....but i scientifically call it supernatural electrons, or people i know i carry with everywhere i go, just like you do.....but telepathy is too difficult for earthlings. I'm dealing with a poltergeist.....and there is only one man i can believe and trust to my dying breath.....He is always correct....Yahweh Bless him and his family. Amen. The other men lack maturity, and have egos, pride, and jealousy....and everybody's very hurtful, to walk down the street and know what a person is thinking verbatim as they drive by. So be gentle, cuz if a girl touches me and cares and means WILL kill me. I can see ulterior motives, so men just stay out of my life, unless you're a good cop. LOVE THAT STRANGER, because your cashier clerk at the grocery store is the reason why there is anything at all and YOUR RIGHT PINKY IS THEIR LEFT PINKY metaphysically.. My right pinky keeps asking me "How do you know all this?" My nerves are so sensitive. Please be gentile with me. Pray that i might get married someday. Yeshua is the reason why there is anything at all. More Glory to the Lord Yahweh, and Yeshua. Knoweth the difference between my daddy on Earth and OUR FATHER YAHWEH The Sunshine.

I'm NOT just any brown haired, brown eyed guy for your conformity. I'm NOT Bill. STOP THE ODOR VOODOO ON MY HALO AND PERHAPS THESE WORDS MIGHT DISAPPEAR.
I'm NOT Anthony C. My sister's first mexican boyfriend whom abandoned her and his son...and has genital warts.
I'm NOT the other Anthony G. My sister's second consecutive boyfriend by the same name, and has genital warts too. hmm.
I'm NOT Cody.
I'm NOT Calvin.
I'm NOT John.
I'm NOT Derrick.
I'm NOT Julian.
I'm NOT Bob.
I'm NOT George.
I'm NOT Joel.
I'm NOT Robbie.
I'm NOT just any brown haired, brown eyed guy for your conformity. Mr. John D. do not use the word "I" in reference to any of the innocent souls, stealing the cherubim's glory, as if it were your own. Best refer to your own fingerprints when you say the word "I" in the back of your mind. You may not use the word, "if", "what if", "we", or "when" to make conditions true, for your conformity, and do not use the words, "let me", to steal innocent souls glory in Heaven. Men, stop trying to fool the others into thinking that YOU are ME, by copying my words and swapping places with my body in stellar space, to steal my innocence. DON'T YOU DAMN REFER TO ME AS any other name than Kris, Tice. Mix, Silvermix, "C.C.", Powder, (watch the movie...that's exactly WHAT I am. The angels called me that a long time ago, and I said, "Why'd you call me that?" and they said, "Because we don't know where you came from."). YOU BEST HAVE A BIRTHMARK ON YOUR RIGHT BUTTCHEEK AND ON THE WHITES OF YOUR LEFT EYE IF YOU WANNA BE ME.
Everybody wants to go with my half-brother Robert Ely...(Rob)....thinking he's Jesus Christ....but he is a prounounced Atheist. And is proud to be an Atheist. He doesn't belive in God. And all he does is lie to get by...He's now living in Honolulu, Hawaii, i wonder how he got there? Off of MY INNOCENCE? i've been carrying the cross for a long time...and he's been skimming off the top...with his my mom's funeral time...he was using the phone...and i wondered where all of my secretary angels went...a long time brother stole them....he said right in front of my face on the phone to one of the secretaries..."...USE KRIS...(and my last name)" as if i was his visa debit card...or something.........without my fucking permission...he took me for granted....and subatomically, he's been skimming off of my's astonishing how close he is naturally....he used to have this obtuse ugly backwards tooth jutting out of the front of his mouth....well, he did a lot of dentistry....and now his teeth look fine....but mine used to be so straight, and now they're a little crooked in the same spot...HE NOT ONLY SHARES MY SPACE...BUT HE USES IT AND TAKES IT FOR GRANTED. He sold his house for a half million dollars....and in my time of need i asked for only 1000.00 dollars....and he said he couldn't help me.....but now he's in Hawaii. He's an atheist...using my cross. no more stealing my identity....and giving the credit to Anthony...I've spake to Yahweh...and he has already claimed me as the victor...we went through a huge ordeal of prayer and conversation, and the verdict is: NO! ANTHONY IS NOT MY JESUS CHRIST, AND NO! ANTHONY IS NOT KRIS FOR stop betraying my soul brother lest ye be damned. ALSO, one day we were travelling down memory lane to go see our old house, and my nephew was in the car, and my brother pointed to the neighbor's (his friend's) house, right in front of me, and said we grew up there, to conform my nephew's prestine mind, so he'd have someone to vouch for him in Heaven, like he didn't know where we grew up? That's shameful. And in the end all your fucking lies you feed the family....will not come true....Tell me a lie to try to fool your lie about the when i waste my money on a pizza for will not be delivered to the correct address. GET IT? IT MAY WORK FOR YOU ON EARTH...BUT IN THE LAST DAY...THERE AIN'T GONNA BE NO ANTHONY. AND NO I REFUSE TO CARRY THE CROSS FOR'll'll be payback time...........and all my....g lo r y. Fuck you Robbie.

Dear Yahweh, as Yashua as my witness, and my Mother's signature and mine on James Ch. 3 Vs. 6; Please put a stop to Bill K. 65 years old with moustache and glasses, in Grapevine, Texas. Stop John D. in Iowa, and Derrick D. most likely in Grapevine, Texas 76051, Cody the pharmacy tech (i bought a pizza for him and his coworkers at the pharmacy. i gave him free music software, and professionally graphiced his name on a Venus CD of my own music...and he has been parasiting off my halo now for 10 years...and has spat on me from the heavens as i've walked down the street about 37 times from the Heavens out of his Jealousy...even as i was helping out homeless people.) at Walgreens in 2005 in Grapevine Texas, Cody is not to portray me or refer to me, and all those who help Bill and them against me permanently for all eternity, for his Blasphemy, posing as Thou My Lord, and his Ignorance of the Bible, and fooling all the innocent souls, and using them as human body shields, and for the inhumanity of voodoo odor torture, consisting of Dogshit, Human Shit, Urine, and my Brother's distinct sock odor; for his sport in the back of his mind, at my bodily expense. In Your Holy Name, I pray. Amen.
Let me warn you immediately that my biological father, NOT THE Heavenly Father, in Heaven and on Earth is trying to portray me to look innocent. Since one cannot tell the difference between one invisible masculine and the next in thin air, he yelps all kinds of lies about me and tries to swap roles with my position in spacetime. Please look at what he's doing to innocent souls for sport. HE'S TRYING TO TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS WEBSITE. He's WAAY TOO EVIL posing as God, as well as his friend John D. posing as God, tag teaming on my Holy Ghost as THE Father. Bill is an aetheist, and doesn't even know one verse in the Bible. He said he hates the Bible. I'm smelling Human Shit in my olfactory senses while the hallucination of his personality is doing it to me for joy. He's been haunting me for sport for 17 years every 30 seconds or so. And stealing my innocence at the speed of light, and since when you close your eyes, you can't tell the difference between one penis and the next, and like unto the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, we each swap stellar places at night. And he's fooling all of you into thinking he's God, based on my innocence and is a parasite on my halo/electron shell. So many times, my first breath of conciousness as i opened my eyes was a huge intake of Human the hallucination of Bill's face slid across my face and in my audible hallucinations, he would say first thing in the morning...."Did you smell your stink? HEE! HEE! HEE!" When we were growing up, he kept a jar of urine by his bed because he was too lazy to leave the TV. I wouldn't be surprised if he's actually placing his ca-ca in a plastic bag and using some sort of voodoo on me from 700 miles away. Please Yahweh, I beg of you, make him stop! Everyone is helping him blindly, not knowing the difference between him and God. He is a NAZI torturing me. He denies Jesus Christ....I ask him why? and his last mistake is answering with the word because... I'm receiving metaphysical ABUSE. My biological father is so delusional that he has formed this story in his head, about "the fittest..." (which is fiction of course), and he is brainwashing everyone into thinking I'm "the fittest...", to try to make me look bad. I'm sorry, but there ain't no "fittest" proving the Bible, ladies and gentlemen. Do not believe a word your senses tell you, unless you actually recognize my voice, for every single utterence out of his head in Heaven is a lie to cover his own ass. In the invisible world called Heaven, one sees a Soda. The ghost, or you, cannot determine whether it is a Coca-cola or a Dr. Pepper. Respectively, My father is impersonating me to take credit for this site and all my scientific discoveries. Please discern with good judgment which BODY is MINE THAT DESERVES THE CREDIT FOR THIS SITE...MAKE A MENTAL NOTE: The idea of Silvermix is probably within the next guy over from the fake in front of me. He wears glasses and a moustache. I do not. I am a smoker, which is my only sin, and he is not, whereas my Divine Mother whom he used to be married to smoked all her life. She has written two theological books in and is resurrected and doing fine. I've even hugged her with her different history new body. HE WEARS A MOUSTACHE AND GLASSES. I DO NOT. He is an Aetheist, and doesn't believe in Yahweh. He is fooling you all right and left to get away with murder on the cross, at my bodily expense. It's not fair. And since one cannot see what's happening over here, your poor innate angelic creature is like unto Helen Keller. People, please REALIZE WHEN YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES AND IMAGINE GOD that my biological father is NOT THE SUNSHINE LIKE YAHWEH. Basically, Crucify anything with Glasses and a moustache. Also, what's happening in Heaven right now, is another adversary named Cody, whom has a beard and blue eyes. I do not, and he is trying to be Silvermix so bad that he is playing off of my spine and halo, which propogates all of this, and he is fooling all of ye blind sheep right and left, because when you close your eyes, you cannot tell the difference between one penis and the real Mccoy. These are identity theives of mine, using me as the scapegoat. It has been declared in Heaven, BY YAHWEH, that my biological father is not to access my fate or heartstrings, ever again. WHAT YOU CAN'T SEE: My father is calling me Cody in invisible places in the air to all of you blind sheep, swapping names so that Cody is getting the acclaim for this website in Heaven, AT MY BODILY EXPENSE. Cody, forget me. I know and LOVE Jesus Christ. I'm so very proud of Christ, because He proved his love to me p e r s o n a l l y on my birthday. Be Exalted Yeshua, and Yahweh. I can tell the difference between one man in thin air and Yeshua and Yahweh. CAN YOU? don't let your senses fool you innocent souls. Please, Any prayers would be greatly appreciated. And my Biological father; you may not use these verses above as your testimony. If you want mercy you must recite a bible verse all by yourself out loud in front of God, and everybody in public.(he knows not one people). in My Holy Abba's Name, Amen.

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Please take a look at those trees. They all look the same, yet that branch and twig, decided to go northwest, which makes it unique. Now compare that to all the snowflakes, and each one of you, and the grains of sands on the beach, and finally each of YOU STARS. He made each one of us special. Now, on your death bed, clap your hands together, and look to the sunshine, and say BRAVO! ENCORE GOD!
Just the other day I went to the country on foot, down a two lane highway and the road not taken. I was naked, and a car passed by, and it IS very gorgeous. At least Heaven is populated. ...all those little ideas and things, fly away in butterfly wings. Those honeybees are so necessary. It happens automatically. They translate us, quite literally. Can some girl teach me what affection is? I AM Willy Wonka at the end of the Chocolate Factory, just waiting for you to give me back the Everlasting Gobstopper. I promise you will never have to work again for the rest of your life. I promise a white chocolate on your pillow every night. I promise you a Holy Relic Heirloom Diamond Ring. And i promise you a rose every single day for the rest of your life. Be gentle. I love you girl. Especially You.

if you really do.......................................thou must prove it.